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Saturday, September 1, 2012

01/09/12 today

 assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

today i woke up at the crack of dawn just for nothing
surfing here and there in the cyber world
and keep on opening new post, but my body keep telling my head that we are lazy
this is not the post that i intend to do, its just a day a post thinggy

yesterday, waste my time reading heng jean anne blog
oh my God, u should read her blog
the language is good and she has sense of humour that you will not get bored reading it
for me, reading her blog, is like living my dreams though
cause i wish that i will stay or go Japan one day
but i just keep on dreaming
but yeah, with this blog, i actually learn more about Japan
that my uncle and auntie and my cousins didn't not share about
yeah, they've been too busy with their family
go figure

i watch things on my laptop today, since i left my trusty hard disk back home
waiting for mummy to send it back here
and i cooked lunch+dinner myself
and i take a nap
and Beliau's gonna buy me dinner
and maybe it will not be dinner
maybe i will turn it into juadah bersahur esok pagi?
thinking of doing my fasting next week starting tomorrow
cause if i can EAT, i CAN'T stop thinking about it
and currently, i'm thinking of ice cream
but it may be a burden to the poor guy to go run errands for me
he already help me buy eggs & battery just now~ hehe

so, just a food for thought today
1st photo: Qmall Photography
2nd photo: random(not mine)

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