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Thursday, August 30, 2012

30/08/12 now i know

salam, hello readers~!

as AlexT0 is not here with me
i stayed rooted to my room with AndyT0
and sometimes, things pop up in my mind of what to do or go when i CAN go out
so, i put it in one corner and just wait

yes, i've been helping my friends now and then before
whenever i wanted to go out, i will ask, "do you want to go out?"
so, anybody who have errands will feel ok

as for me, i am not much of asking for help
i hate asking though
for now, i'm just wandering when will have the time to go out?
cause i have things to do now
plus i have assignments
sigh~ i have to live like the others then

p/s: someone will remember the hardships of others, but when the table turns, others will forget the someone

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