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Friday, September 7, 2012

07/09/12 No response day

assalamulaikum & hello readers~!

how are you guys doing in this glorious day of Jumaat?
i hope you enjoy it very much until you praise your God for giving such a good day.

I start off my morning with an assembly similar to like students in school
teachers up on the stage, students standing in rows of respective class
oh my. :(
and they called us "Mahasiswa Pendidik". ouh its a new name~

my concern today, why is everyone is ignoring everybody?

our text messages were ignored.
we were forgoten.
whatever did my roommate say, we have no respond.
why i did, didn't receive any respond.
mummy talked on the phone, first i was kindda had no respond.
and some other little thing happened.

went for my second collaboration with mr Basil today with Yana & Din
and then PPIM persembahan malam kebudayaan
got into this thing because I feel sorry for my friend.
and now end up with i'm gonna be a macho man opposite Siken, smallest, cutest girl in TESL C
and i always jealous of her accessories and clothes.

btw, sorry for not giving response.


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