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Thursday, September 20, 2012

17/08/12 Hangout with the girls (Conswan)

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
yes, it's the time when everyone(almost) from my high school days are back in hometown
and everybody wanna gather
and i was the one who appointed to gather us all
*eh? really? i thought it's just a normal gathering~~~

we chatted, and some will be going here and there, in and out of the country
wow, how we have grown apart.
but still we managed to come together at some point :D

The unexpected guess, i manage to grasp! haha

Care & Ieka

my god! i look cheesy! haha w Joanne, congrats girl! pergi sane jgn lupa saye! :D

me, Dyla, Care & Renu


Stairs much? >.<

Caroline, Jaya, Azzira, Renu, Gurshan, Joanne, Adyla, Me, Ieka, Nana
these friends of mine, decided that i should be the project manager for the next five years reunion!
damn u guys! haha a teacher that is also an event manager! haha
hurm, i always like events, maybe one day.

to tell you the truth readers, i already did manage to put up quite a handful of events already :P
but that was before i have blog and i was in high school
one event was after high school just before i started studying in Perlis :DD
may God bless.

p/s: all photos from friend's Facebook

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