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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

17/09/12 Steamboat with classmates

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!

Warning! All photos are product of excessive FLASH and NO Eye removal attempt. SOrry :(

my PKK text me (and others i supposed) if i wanted to join for steamboat tonight
at first i hesitate, but later, i decided to go.
went there with kyin's Debap (thanks you guys) and we ate and laugh
and apparently the famous 'scream' of our Unit Beruniform batch is actually becoming our trademark too =.=" "CHAAA!!!!"

moving on to the PHOTOS!

group paling mewah, thanks to Ema....

baru nmpk ade tgn yg cuba menyeludup api!

nk gak gmbr sekeping

tetamu terhormat malam ini.

mariam dan lilin


Kembar name

Jiran Bilik~

TESL kelabu dan Kuning

Warga lelaki yang hadir

Masakan LAst

Selamat Jalan!

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