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Sunday, September 16, 2012

10/08/12 2nd Anniversary of Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

after a week of running around back and forth to Kuala Perlis and Kangar
finally, the Installation and 2nd Anniversary of my Leo Club was held
because it was the fasting month, i went to the event a little late with Amrit
the event was held at Putra Brasmana Hotel, Ballroom and we had our dinner at Hi Thien restaurant
*excuse if i spelled it wrongly :(

so, here some photos of the night! :D

New Members Initiation
 the new members are all from TESL group. except the girl on far right, she's from PJ group...
again, this year i gotto to meet them first up before the Welcoming Party.
i only know Bona and Andy (second & third from left) , because they are one of the BODs in leo Club
the new member guys, standing like stairs, JD, Bonaventure n Andy

new members initiation

GK look on because its her last year here.

installation of the new BODs! here am i again, being the only pioneer member from the first BODs before

pioneer members of Leo Club are leaving us soon :(

Yen2 & Mun2

installation of BODs
 interesting story during this installation
i was nervous to be standing in front of the IPG Kampus Perlis's Director, Mr Tan Yin Kee
being the only Malay in the event bring me more nervousness! haha
so, we were adjusting our arrangement and i end up standing in front of Mr Tan, damn!
i was actually going to run away from his eyes, but i end up made an eye contact with him
he was looking at me and smile and nod, thank God. :D

me and Geok Cher, end up with the same colour! :D

Vhine, Mun & Yen

i didn't know i was to received certificate, and i was eating when the female MC called my name wrongly, i was munching when this photo was taken though :( *baru buka puasa,ok~~~


with Jia Wei

Vhina n me and i think Sam at the back

with Sam

Sam & Jia Wei

Lovely Brothers

The Senior who sings, cooks and i don't know what he could do more haha

Rion w Vhina

Malcom & Jia Wei

with the man of the day, OC of the night and the new Vice President Leo Club

2nd year cake

MC of the night, Rolex and i didn't know the girls' name. sorry girl! *somebody tell me ok, so i could edit this part

candid much? *peace


the best senior ever!

Janice always called me Datin after the my raya photo last 2 years haha

Dyi Enn

Glad that we could help the TESLians junior on 'belasah' Andy haha

GK & Vhina

Loke also came

with Loke

Jia Wei & Loke
 after the event, we went to the restaurant to stuff ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD
yay! didn't eat much after breaking fast :D
Habis sudah~

Christine & Clare

interesting speaker box :D

and here's a video that i recorded during the feast, you could also find it on YouTube


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