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Friday, September 21, 2012

12-15/08/12 Final School Based Experience

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!
before raya this year, i have my final SBE and i did it just beside my house,
walking distance:5 minutes
i can even see my house gate, from the school office haha

at first, i thought i'm gonna do it alone
but when i entered the office, i saw an Indian girl who is already there
and it turn out to be Kosila, one of the girls i did together in semester 2 at St. Francis
so, it was a relieve i at least have a friend!

this school is known of being an SJK T, just because the school is known for Sekolah Gandhi, because the memorial hall is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi
so, i was expecting more indians
and it turn out to be something different!
yes there are malays and indians
but there was only 1 chinese in the whole school
and the others? the others are all from Sarawak n Sabah
this school had a lot of different ethnics come from Sabah Sarawak
i thought of having a normal SBE at this school, but it turn out to be different as well

1st SBE: All GIRLS school
2nd SBE: All BOYS school
3rd SBE: Chinese school
4th SBE: ethnics school! haha

so, here are some photos:-

U can actually see my house!

small school but many to offer!


me & Kosila
SK Simpang Empat Sitiawan has many offer, be there, and you will be amazed! :D


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