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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

18/09/12 Welcoming the Juniors

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
 yesterday was the day that all the TESL came together and gather to welcome the new members of TESL family.
it was delay long enough to get me myself to get to know the juniors without this gathering.
i think the juniors only know me & azie, because we visited their exebition
never mind that now
like usual, my friends reluctant to come.
they say, they are snob. and the other party say the same thing. its a never ending cycle of not understanding
but seriously, some of them are.

the pioneer seniors didn't do anything, except for just came and ate
and junior's multimedia was a freaking mess
no photos of us, and spelling errors was freaking everywhere
i'm devastated. :(

enough of that, let see some photos.

Junior's Performance


with Azie

Muni & Yna

Fatin, Mirah, Yin, Ika, Azie, Yna, Izati

Erni, Ema, Ida, K.Ann, Geok Cher, Karmen

with Christine~!

dengan adik2 tersayang. andy, rolex, bona & JD

<3 much? with Beliau! always fail to go with the same colour wuhuhu

yeah, u can see how weird i am tonight. w Ika

with the Super Junior

w Ainun *teleng kepala

w Ainul

w Azman

Zel n Mirah
 later after the Welcoming Party and Raya TESL
we have choir practice for tomorrow's event
Majlis Penutup Bulan Kemerdekaan

so, welcome Super Juniors!


  1. eyh..same thing happen here la..lovehate relationship between seniors and juniors..haha

  2. i think the world is like that... haha :D