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Saturday, September 1, 2012

02/09/12 midnight

assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

because a tin of nescafe, i can't sleep now...
i was quite sleepy 10pm just now, but not anymore
darn, i hate it
i ask for Beliau to buy me Nescafe so i could stay up
but drinking after 9 will make me sleepy later
 wanted to do the SBE report, but my body just don't want to do it :(

while i was on the bed trying to sleep
a certain person came up in my mind
and i just realize that we share the same worries
but yeah, i keep telling him the positive thing that happens
i feel you man, but u're living in this part of the world there are the lines that u had to live with
but hey, dude, there's no need to run away, try to blend in.
its not hard, i tried to run, but it was tedious.
so i tried blend in and it went ok...
when ur somewhere else, just be like ur usual self
no harm done
btw, glad that i could help now and then though :)

the world is getting on me...
without AlexT0, i'm bored to death
not just that, my hard disk is not with me too
and some photos to update is in there too...
oh my oh my
careless of me... i left my speakers too, but i dont think i'm gonna use it
might as well just leave it at home

my latest fb status reads:-
>> dalam kegelapan toilet yg xde lampu, daku masuk bersama torch light kuning ku...
ku halakan lampu yg terpancar ke arah cubicle yg ku ingin pergi~~~
aku nmpk sesuatu berwarna putih didalamnya!
xsempat jerit, makhluk itu pusing and mulutnye ade sisa air....

SnowBall cari tempat minum rupenye~ hehe
comelnya kau! hehe goodnite!

haha i didn't feel scared at all, maybe i was positive at the first place, it was SnowBall, bapak kucing of the hostels
i like cats and i miss them...
where are they?

im still not tired yet (what?)
oh gosh, possibly, i will be sleepy when it is 3 am
and i should sahur at 3 or 4 now?
way to go~

and it had beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 2 years, 11 months, 3 weeks and 1 day
man almost 3 years i know that guy
haha used to be friends that talk about everything
and text me at accurate time everyday
wow, he may work hard for it eah?
good for you

and yeah, theres no need to talk about peoples aib or kesilapan..
let them be, if you say it to his/her face its ok,
that is our job as a Muslim
but if u talk about them to others...
man u just committed a sin 
thanks to a certain who actually agree with but a little later haha

p/s: Oppa Gangnam Style~

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