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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

04/09/12 my friend bersosial :D

assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

today i'm gonna talk about how my day went until it is 3pm
here it goes....

feeling very lazy to go to music class this morning but i bring my heavy legs to the music room alone
but i cheer myself up by wearing my grandmother's baju kurung today
arrived at the music room i was alone and en zaini open up the room
in i went n saw a commotion that Yen(a teslian junior) have to do the senamrobik for today's morning session
later class went on as usual and actually manage to memorize the solfa arrangement :D
 while waiting for the next class, along with azie n ainun we went breakfast hunting and then lost thing hunting haha
after that Geok Cher came and give good news, that is no class
oh heaven. haha

so me and azie went back, pack up our laptops and off to the library
i cant go back early cause i will end up sleeping
by going to the library, azie manage to start up her reflection and i manage to get a few pages done of my journal
go figure

little that we know that super junior teslian having a exbition for social studies today
gave Bona my mp3 so he could copy all the Skrillex song
me & Azie went up and get cozy and start our work
after that, she show me new couples of WGM(We Got Married) and it really took my attention to it
the couples are hilarious, can't wait to watch the whole episodes though hehe

The Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis 2012/2013
after engrousing myself to WGM, we head down
i attended to look at the exhibition and ask if Azie wanted to join in
it seems like we're gonna be there like only couples of minute but we end up an hour just looking around
how come we end up an hour there?
remarkably, we commented a lot
and Azie gave a lots of ideas and comments
and it was as awesome
and today, i witness Azie being very social with the AdikS haha
very seldom you gonna see Azie being that kind of person

Thanks Azie for accompanying me also helping the Juniors! :D


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