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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

05/09/12 Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis Blood Donation Drive

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!

it seems, it's the third time i'm actually in a Blood Donation commitee under the name of Leo Club
friends already known me as a Blood Donation face due to this
but mind you that, i never actually did donate MY  blood hahaha
don't blame me, because i think mosquitoes already took their share from my blood streams 0.o

this time i'm the VOC (vice organizing commitee) next to Andy who is the OC
i was the OC for the first blood donation though, and the blog post is actually in this blog somewhere :P

for today it's Blood Donation+Organ Pledge+Sight first :D (i wish i had this names right)
it's 3 in 1 health campaign! 

let's see some photos shall we.
mostly taken by Richard n GK using Alex's camera, i think :D

I WAS ready at first huh!

Supposed to be the OC and VOC photo


Excited much?

Terima Kasih kerana telah membantu menjayakan program ini.

me & JD favourite picture, thanks to GK!

the GK pose! with Jia Wei, me, Sam, Richard, andy, JD and Kai Fong
 but this time, we didn't get many hits because a month back, there was already a blood donation
and the usual people who do blood donation, had already donate before
but we manage to get 20 people at least today.

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