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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

29/04/12 Pesta Laut Lumut

*overdue post
salam, hello readers~!
i went back to my hometown, and my cousin is here
so, we had things to do together
arrived 2 days before, because i had friday n monday off
so, i have a looo0o0ng holiday
went back with Tiara n sleep dat night after going out
because we were talking a bout ghosts and supernatural
at sleep at 6, although i was kindda tired

but the next day, thought of going Pesta Laut Lumut
but we were all fast assleep at the hall hahahah
and me my cousin n brother just went for a midnight movie, The Avengers
it was Awesome i tell u!

and the next day, we went to Pesta Laut Lumut
a lot of booth showing this and that and even selling clothes
people come from all over the place!
but it was just the same like the one before
so not much photos

a rescue performance

a mannequin with Jamal's name

and later we come across this car, i say man, this is freaking cool!

it looked like it was tattooed all over!


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