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Sunday, May 6, 2012

07/05/12 Lama x nmpk!

ini entri rindu la actually... huah huah *bosangilagabanpompuannih.... sila beredar jika anda xmau baca*
yup2, miss to go out just the 2 of us
talk about nonsense and enjoy something weird
just like always haha
hopefully before the holidays come though....
to him i'm talking to?
refer photo below:-
 not this one, silly.... go further below~
this guy, Jaehyo from Block B, really caught my eye first time, because he look like Kyu Hyun....
the one that i dream before, (he was chasing me around in a mall, weird~)
start liking him from the Nalina mv, because he was damn cool and also he have a tattoo, 
hard to find Korean stars have tattoos :0
yea2, this one, dunno if the photo works,....
it supposed to move~ ohohohoho

p/s: please hit the books~! :(

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