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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

05/12 Let's Cook!

*overdue post
salam, hello readers~!
me, my rum7;emy, mirah, and even azie and mayam had been start cooking with the rice cooker and even the water heater
so, here are some of our accomplishment in cooking

dah alang2 beli telur lima biji
kami masak la nasi goreng dengan telur dadar
telur dadar

mari makan!
dah rasa bosan ngan masak nasi,
kami masak plak yang n i
telur goreng sebiji, maggi goreng gune cooker and the instant macaroni from tesco

and then we bought this squid ball
it was delicious man!
we cut it into smaller pieces and we fried it to eat with spaghetti

did another fried rice! and also a recipe i got it from my mother
>> telur dadar tuna!
it was delicious!!!

the last time me and my rum8 cook for this sem
anchovy fried rice!

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