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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26-27/05/12 39th MD Leo Forum: that night

 salam, hello readers~!
De'Baron is just near to the jetty, its just like 5 minutes or so the distance
as i'm going to be the emcee for one of the forum tomorrow, that night i wanted to make the text myself
i was still clueless, cause i didnt have the forum book yet
but then i got it, thanks to GK, Kai fong and also rion

and then i start to sit in the sectratriat room and start writing
and kai fong start sleeping haha
 when i was about to start on writing, the leo who is the speaker of my forum session came into the room, leo wah si sheng
he is a nice guy, and i have seen him before its just never talk to him
he help me on what to write about and i thank him lots,...
then he continued his guarding work hahaha

then, the ever famous Eric walk in, i was like, owh this is the person everybody been talking about
and then GK introduce me to him, and we was laughing all the way after 10 minutes of talking
he tell me about the epic laughing moment of his life
and  i would like to state here, Alex, we didnt laugh at you when you walk in the room, ok, but i did laugh at you when you saw how kai fong sleep hehe
after the story session, i came about writing my text and then si sheng walk in again and look at my text and he gave me the thing that i need!
a bio of the other speaker, lion sashe...
omg! thank God! thank si sheng! my work is getting better

the above photos, are just photos of views from my hotel room on the 2nd day


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