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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum:it was hectic

salam, hello readers~!
today, i'm going to Langkawi, for Leo Forum,
this is my first time, and from the stories that i heard from others, i kindda can't wait for it
the others from Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis had gone earlier the day before(yesterday)
and left me, Alex and Myra to go today, because we are supposed to ushers the other participants of the leo Forum, all leos and lions from Kuala Perlis jetty to Langkawi's jetty point
as early as 6.15am, we are the jetty, gave tickets to the first trip at 7 am
i went there with alex and also my rum8, we went there with alexT0 and then my rum8 when back with alexT0(my car) and left me and alex to do the ticketing to all the participants
it was a very long 6 hours
most of time, i was standing near the ticket booth to claim the tickets
different from Alex who was running around to give tickets and ushers everyone inside the ferry
the guy wearing blue is Alex, and here is when 200 people had boarded the ferry and another 171+5children is still waiting

the other 171 LEOs and the guy in the middle is Jelvis

in the ferry, didn't know that Alex was taking photos too 0.o
 after 6 hours of waiting, and ticket claiming, finally, me and alex and the others boarded the ferry
thank God, cause i'm sick of waiting!
oh yeah, thanks to Alex who bought me a zinger burger for me, i was damn hungry that time!:DD
when we arrived at the hotel, De'Baron Langkawi, there was still a lot of participants who just registered.
and we didn't have our room yet.
man, that was damn frustrating! :(
then again, participants are our priority
it was hectic, i was about to give up
and then i think positively, i went to vhina and texted GK just to ease myself and also i went to jelvis, who i just meet before we boarded the ferry earlier

arrived at jetty point, stressed out with the LEOs who didn't followed what i said, went to see kai yee, myra and another leo, sofeo from sungai petani,
sorting everyone on their respective busses and job is done
went to pay fine at the police station, but it was close :(

i'm going to be the emcee for tomorrow session and GK ask me to meet her
and then she told me to get freshen up before that
hurm, so i did, got a room, the organizing committee room
but it was sad cause the hotel keep having blackouts! :(
maybe it happenes because it was a full house
after that i went to go see GK, and i was quite down cause i had to interview the Lion speaker for the forum the next day, i'm kindda segan and sky and i dunno why a negative energy about interviewing them, sbb takut silap  huhu

lastly, dapat gak bilik and we start to get ready for the Fellowship Night
me, jia wei, and vhina went to the Fellowship Night
as i told earlier, i was kindda down, vhina n GK realize my mood though
i was with vhina, for strength, thanks girl
and thank God, GK call up the emcees and said, no need to see the speaker, because it was all in the forum book
syukur sangat kepada Allah SWT
then my party mood is ON baby!

fellowship night, where everyone is in costumes, cave man, greek god, retro, future its the theme
retro and futurism
i was thinking of greek god, but then i was wearing a black jubah but modified a bit hehe but i funno if people get it hahaha
the objective of this night, is where people get together and know each other
i tell you, fellowship nite was freaking awesome man!
start all with, performance, act out, best dress, and the beatboxer was freaking terrific!
and the of course the footloose
and now actually, i had seen with my own eyes, Alex's dancing
i had been telling him that i want to see him dancing and at last i did
abang dj was awesome and he was dancing a long too! :DD

the night didn't end there...

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