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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

26/05/12 39th MD Leo Forum: Fellowship Night

salam, hello readers~!
the 39th Multiple District Leo Forum facebook page just uploaded the photos during the fellowship night
so, now i could really talk about fellowship night
it started at 6.30 pm or so but i got there almost 7pm
i was at the back, because the hall was full house :(
 of course the Leo Forum was all put together by my abang Kai Fong
but he is known here as Leo Potter
he did the best he could and it was awesome
he really had lots of things to do despite of him having his praktikum 3 months before this, didn't really know where he find the time
he is the best immediate past president that i ever encounter of
and thanks to him and also GK, i had the experience of being a Leo that i like the mosts!
thanks a lot!
 the night start of with speeches i think, cause i arrive late
then all the hundred over Leo Clubs from over Malaysia and also from Singapore and Indonesia was call forth to be recognized.
for our Leo club, i was to be with Sam earlier, but then didn't happened, cause they just need one person per banner :)
 there was also play as the performance and other performance
and didn't know, Eric was in the play until the last part
the play was about a person who time travel, where it suits the theme for that night that is retro and futurism

 after that, we were having dinner
dinner was served outside the hotel under a canopy o.0
but because of me and vhina along with jia wei was kindda shocked to see the long line of people, we decided to wait for a moment and had some photos taken
me and Alex, epic fail la wanna do like model :(

the girls: geok cher, yen, mun, vhina, me GK,jia wei, karmen

inside the lobby waiting for ques

with Kai Yee who is always busy! kai yee, u did good job btw! glad that ur kindda relax after the leo forum
 after the dinner, we head inside and got ourself a seat near in front
so there was other singing and dancing performance and also the best dress competition
old chinese dress and futuristic t-shirt that there are lights on his shirt

group best dress nominees, Kok Sheng was one of them dancing to Sexy and I Know It stripping of, but Kok Sheng cant strip cause he had little clothes already hehe

the box man, dunno what the real name for this, but kindda had the vibe of having LMFAO at the Fellowship Night

the best Beat Boxer, cant remember his name, was it Wallace or something. i like it so very much, was screaming like hell during his performance :DD
 later, after all the fellowship night ended, it is the time for the footloose where it was awesome!!!!
abang DJ was freaking awesome!

well, i think thats all, gonna wait for the 39th 308 Leo Forum to upload more photos than i continue on updating.


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