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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

25/05/12 =.="

salam, hello readers~!
hey everybody today my schedule is so0o00 full!
but it was not actually was
but then again at the end of the day, i slept at 11 or so :(
i want to sleep earlier! :(

it start!
it was in the morning i have to wake up and send some of the LEOs to the jetty
i was ask to send vhina, jia wei, yen and mun
so i did and went there with GK and it seems that Alex was just behind me

after sending them, me and my rum8 went to her teachers' house to help around the house for her wedding

the teachers' hantaran
i tell u, i regret of going, i shouldn't have gone there
cause i didnt help in anything
and then again i cant go anywhere cause the teacher fetch us, so, no car
i was thinking of asking somebody to pick me up or so
cause actually my work for Leo Forum is getting started.
but then again the family was NICE!! and they are really friendly, and thank you cause give us lunch!
hehe after lunch it was nearly 4, and we went back to hostel

we stay for a while and we went to Myra's house to put my things at her house
thanks a lot to Myra and her family of course cause give me a chance to put my things there!
thank you!
but then, i realize something, I FORGOT MY PRINTER

actually, before going out at 5, Alex ask to send him to the jetty to settled the ticket for tomorrow Leo Forum
and then i send him and shoot to myra's house

and later at 6.30 pm rush back to hostel to fetch Yna! and also my printer~ =.='
she going back at 8 pm and she wants to eat chicken chop first at Mai cafe
so we did, as usual if i go to Mai cafe, my eyes will be everywhere
this cafe like a Wang Tze cafe or cofee prince all are waiters and have cool hairs! haha
near 8 i send her to the bus station
it was raining heavily and sorry to say, i got yna's bag soaking wet and we were soaking wet too
but not that bad

that time, alex txted me that he is ready to go back, so i have to fetch him again
but then i need to go to Myra's house
so then i fetch him, and we went to Myra's house and we ate currypuff and tea ( i think :P)
so we ate and talk to myra's father , a nice guy, a lecturer
and the above photo is a a photo of Alex's Playbook and my book that myra borrowed
at 9.45pm we're off to draw money or top up petrol, i cant remember, after, than only we were back



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