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Thursday, May 31, 2012

27/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum: School for Leo Secretary & Sub-District Forum

salam, hello readers~!
today, start off early in the morning,
i took my bath and wear my clothes and just continue to stay in bed
then when everybody starts to bath and getting ready, i start to get dress properly and read trough my emcee text
went downstairs for breakfast with Vhina, she too had work regarding the forum for that morning
there where school for leo president, leo secretary, leo treasurer, and even outgoing alpha
i was the emcee for leo secretary...
  it was cool, both speaker are really nice and actually, i know more about leo and also brush up some of my knowledge though
both Lion Sashe and Leo Si Sheng really make me feel close to them

as usual, if it is a talk or a forum, i will tend to get sleepy and hey, i was up late the week before because of the exam! 
what do you expect! sometimes get a few shut eyes...
'play' with Richard a little when he came to see the progress of the forum, cause he organize it
and yeah, Vhina was the coordinator for the forum,and i was the emcee, together forever. :P

after the session ended, there where two indonesian leos who stayed back and wanted to talk and take photos with the speakers
i was cleaning up the speaker table when this one girl with awesome hair stood in front me with a bright smile and start to introduce herself
she said, she was Silvi and the other girl was Renata
me and Vhina chatted a little and head back to the lobby eventually, with her and then meet her again around the lobby
didn't know that we will actually be friends
congrats Samuel!
that evening was Sub-District Leo forum
for Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis it will district 308B2
so, it was an award ceremony
didn't get any this year huhu cause yea, didn't do much
 the leo club of ipg kampus perlis were sitting at the very back of the hall
at first we were ok, and i was sitting next to Sam and Vhina
and the eventually, i start to fool around with Sam and Valen and it start to get irritating to ipg kampus perlis's girls
Sam was really energetic and i dunno why
then when our turn to get some awards we start to ROAR and then our place scramble and the boys seated behind us, and they start to get worst and i start to play with Malcom'c Ipad and also play again with Richard and Valen n Sam
haha Richard was so red man! *random, only him understand*

so much to tell, but so lazy to write.
btw, congratulations to all who received award that day.

photo: Sofea and Facebook

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