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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15/05/12 Music and Me (and also exam)

salam, hello readers~!
yes2, i have ended a stressful paper yesterday.
EDU 3104.... cant remember the name of the subject
there's still 4 papers to go
so, good luck to everybody
but some may need luck, some just need brain hoho

as i was minding my own business highlighting things, this morning at the library, i think of one thing
one thing that i passionate about since i was small

yeah, i like music, i mean, not only songs, but also the melody
ongaku uta... i usually, will download and compile all my favourite songs in one CD when i was in secondary
and name the CD Ongaku Uta

i feel like i love music for eternity and once had a dream to be a songwriter or just be with music
including singer and dancer
i like to feel the song when i hear to them and sometimes i just give u electric shocks that make u wanna move
but thats all in the past. :( n i kind of missing it now
like to sing along to songs
like to hear it full blasted from my radio before, omg, i could only thank God that the neighbours didnt do a report on me for disturbing them in the evening
i will usually study after school in the evening and then God knows how crank up the volume and singing on top of my lungs, and remarkably some of the things i studied i can remember 0.o

but now, no more radio,
just me+headphone+mp3/laptop
and it will be full blast until i cant hear what people around me talk
then later in school life, i realize i can't love music more or say that i know about music and i love it so effing much
1. i realize i don't know how to play a single music instrument and i will go crazy of i find a piano or guitar ... i will just randomly tekan2 on it haha
2. i cant read a single musical note, not even the ABCDs note~~ i cant remember where is where
3. all i know is do re mo from Sound of Music movie and even mix around the lyrics haha
4. and yeah i just know that

but then again, after school, i worked at a Music Store and i help a lot by updating my boss Cd list in the store and get in touch with the customers and even recommended some CDs to them which suit their taste,, and the eventually agree to me, where i feel proud hahaha :P

a then i got excepted to Teacher Training Institute that i thought will kill my music
and i realize that taking up TESL will not be stray away from what i like
true enough, 2 years later, we get to know that our minor is Music and i had to take up Keyboard lesson
not this keyboard!
this keyboard~~~~~~~~~~   
never thought of going back to be side by side with music
but when i realize i will not have a future with music before, i knew music will be though
and it kindda prove it, but maybe i like music, i still can endure it
keyboard matter (as in playing an instrument matter) is settled
but learning on how to teach primary students and also learn about music it self: still getting there hehe

still, i feel kindda awesome, i can do my keyboard practical the other day
and yeah, i once feel jealous to whom can play guitar n piano
but not anymore, cause i'm liking me tekan2 the keyboard more hehehehehehe

and yeah, if i ignore you, i am listening full blast
sorry :))

photo: Google Image (tumblr)

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