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Thursday, May 31, 2012

27/05/12 39th MD 308 Leo Forum: Banquet Night; Starry Starry Night (Update)

salam, hello readers~!
it is the second day of Leo Forum, after getting crazy because of the sub-district forum
we went to our rooms and start to get ready for Banquet Night
this time the venue is going to be at Kompleks Sukan Langkawi
when i arrived, i didn't know that we had been given seats for the Banquet...
but luckily i remembered the number at my Leo Forum Tag, it was number 4
and Vhinas', Jia Weis' and others are number 11
i was quite worried cause i'm the only number 4 among them
and it turns out that number 4 table is up front but number 11 table is at the back
so, i walked up along the hall to my table, just to find Rion was there with the other committee who do work that night, yen n mun, and also cha2
after that, it was only we and Rion (Zi Miao) and then i start to call Richard, eventually, Richard arrived when i call him and sat next to me to see the stage
after a long while came Valen, Malcolm, Sam, Alex, and Tze Cheng
ok, what you can see here is the banquet hall, didn't know it looked like this, because i had been seating and chatting with zi miao for quite some time

that's me with the yellow shawl and pink dress(not a dress la, my jubah seluar actually)
yes i am, and i was kindda dumbstruck
thank God it was just fellows from my own Leo CLub
being the only girl is kindda cool,
you know y? cause Richard actually help me in serving me the dishes and Sam help me on asking for spoon and fork and also the other guys helped and layan me hahaha
but then again, they were talking Iban all the way without me and Zi Miao understand a thing =.="

Kai Yee was the only guy at his table hehe
i told Richard that i was hungry and sleepy, he told me to eat the chillies and sleep at the table =.="

quite near to the stage... of course la because the are award recipients from our table too

Richard playing with his interesting phone

Zi Miao nervous and star drinking water first

so, here the only photo of me that night and didn't know that two person will be in the photo too :P

the guys who is with me at the table, excluding yen

so, this is the first dish.....
 about the dinner, it was all Chinese cuisine, i was like: wtheck i'm gonna eat, but then i missed out the best two dishes, because it was given at the end when everyone start dancing around our table and we cant eat
the food was ok though., i din manage to eat until i'm full
and it was funny when Kai Yee asked me how i eat after we were in Kangar... i eat fine my dear.... haha
and of course it was Zi Miaos' performance when we got our first  dish and he was awesome cause he change from his usual self when he is stage!

another beat boxer for that night, is it his name Esmond Chong... he was cool, he could actually do Megatron's voice.... he was good though but i like the day before beat boxer more and these guys at my table keep talking in Iban about this guy... haha i didn't know what they say though..... this beat boxer could also do the musics for kpop sounds, but he should know better, we don't know the lyrics for all the songs, man! :PP

and I SEATED NEXT TO THE TOP SECRETARY!!!! hahah congratulations to Richard Leopold!! *abg richard :D
 after the awards, screaming like a banshee and performance, the abang DJ start again the night with the songs that make our head just to start moving by themselves haha
and Alex, you was freaking cool when you start to dance that day...
and Valentine! didn't know you could dance like that!
and yeah, actually now GK come and dance with us.... and we dance; GK, me, vhina, jia wei, mun, yen, Ca2 and also the other aimst girl (sorry didnt get ur name the other day :(()
i'm actually in this picture
and when i actually wanted to stop, the Dj put on Skrillex! i go crazy!!
and cha2 was like: u said u was tired!
i was like: it's Skrillex!! wo0o0ho0o0o0
and then all cut short cause need to go back by bus, went back and saw Jelvis, congrats him again and he kindda follow us back with the same bus hoho

went back, change to PJs and literally sleep

photos: me, Sofea, 39th leo forum facebook page
 here is a video of the beat boxer. but still, you can here our voices =.="

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