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Sunday, May 6, 2012

07/05/12 Jom lah wahai TESL B n other TESLian senior

the above photo is actually a photo of us like 2 years back
well, i've been craving of an outing with the fellow classmate such like we did when we went for domino's and also with other teslian with they want
or just a gathering of being together...
i was thinking of watching movie or bowling or karaoke or having meal together or even all of it
my oh my but no one give any respond, maybe i have to take Yin's advice, of having to have ask them face to face ay?
i dunno how many will actually agree to this, cause everybody is thinking of exam huhu

yeah, i dunno who reads my blog now, since i left it like for 3 months
but yea, i miss everybody, i miss doing things with you guys and want it hehe
just for one time before the holidays
and also after one left, everyone starts to think, but then the good news came, we cant wait to do things including the one who got off
haha fathi, can't wait for u to come back!
and ika, if u reading this, how about a karaoke session before exams?
duet our song??
hopefully the other person will not interrupt hahah

after the last session i had, i know, i can't sing sweet melody songs...
can't do it like ainun or ika even limok
gotto to sing high notes or just rapping i think....i will sound ridiculously ugly singing slow songs...
back up blh la kot hahahha
on high notes can improve better kot, or just have to had strepsils after that hahaha
and on rapping, gotto to make sure the lyrics are on time and i know how it goes,
i enjoy rapping when i thought of it
any language, yeah! i rap one 2ne1 song before and i can't believe myself haha

but mind you, this only in the karaoke booth
not in public, people will think its horrifically scary~~~

so, friends, hope to spend time with you guys.... :D

p/s: still not reading any~

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