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Monday, May 7, 2012

08/05/12 laziness, long hair, blog counter

man, i dunno why in the world i am damn lazy!
everyday, i'll ask God to really turn me into a 'rajin' freak for the sake of this exam
i couldn't afford of that CGPA again, it is mental
i need to be better...
Ya Allah, please, please give me the urge of studying, and insyaAllah i will do great in exam and result in a good pointer
*everyone will ask for this right? :P*
i know her from Buzzer Beat drama, a japanese drama
it's just that i like her style in that drama and i love her hair
her hair is so long and straight and it just caught my eye
and she's cute too
she too was in The fast and the furious: tokyo drift movie!! cool! this make the urge of watching an old movie! where in the i could grab hold of this movie?? huhu
and i never thought long hair could pull it off  with a hat
maybe next time i could try that!
i always think that hats or caps are not really suitable for long hairs
but then again Keiko prove it wrong hehe :))
and yeah, weird thing happened
as usual the other blog keep receving counter like 100 a day
but the other blog i rarely update, i wonder where does the readers come from??
and this blog counter barely make a change ahhaa
enjoy reading peeps!


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