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Thursday, May 10, 2012

11/05/12 what's up 20-an girls

did you know? it is really hard to stay focus
like what im doing now
i have a note open wide in front of me
but i ain't reading it

what's up with 20an girls now?
they are all talking about getting marry weddings husbands
normal aiye?
i think so, i'm still new in my 20ties~
and yeah guys, if you wanna marry with the 20ties girls, i think they will gladly accept you! :DD

just give a thought what will it be if you ought to marry by this year, next year, next 2 years?
wow, lots to do, i assume
it's not an easy tasks, as in Malaysia, u have to go trough many to be married with ur other half
and i salute to those who get married before me at an early age
respect to you guys, cause i myself, maybe not be married yet, because lack of money and also time to spend for the procedures before marrying hehe
Maria Elena is getting married soon
and just know that they've been together just for three years.
and funny thing is, so am i with my Beliau heh heh heh

there are also people who just get married to who ever their parents ask to
and who married with their boyfriends and girlfriends that they already know
if you ask me, if i myself didn't have my Beliau, will i still find someone else or just wait for my parents to let me marry somebody they want~?
my answer is, i dunno! but i think it is much better if love after married
kindda cool tau! haha

but what ever, i'm just blabbering
tones to read and tones to update

my classmates was in an accident last two days, n i am super worried :I
but she's ok now, recovering now, more stories later aiye?

photo: Careen Tan engagement ring, and Fasha Sandha's dress

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