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Monday, January 2, 2012

11/12/11 Gempak Selebriti Astro in Manjung

salam, hello readers~!
I would like to make a statement here: If there's an event that I could go near me, I WILL GO! :P
Couple of days ago I saw an ad on the tv about this Gempak Selebriti thinggy (GSA) in Manjung at Giant.
I was like wthell?? haha
So, I thought , why not just go?
as i woke up and checking the FB n Blog; it struck me; how bout Google about it
As i didnt had the chance to watch when the date is.
To my suprise it is yesterday & today!
As the cousin keep moaning about how boring had the life been.
I tried to call her up and text her, but she didnt answer.So, I asked the family to go to Giant & GSA.
And we did after our lunch.
I went to GSA w the brother.
Took some photos and went inside Giant for some shopping

sempat la tgk Zahid AF yg diminati bersama Acha
yg atas bebudak AF la, sorry ak x knal :P


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