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Sunday, January 15, 2012

16/01/12 semalam birthday Agong

salam, hello readers~!
hari kan~ kita kan~ ade kelas 3 jam o0o0o0
today we had class with Pn Sabariah again
agak cuaklakan because of the first encounter with her huhu
so today, i plan to go early to class
to pick up the attendance book of course
as i was minding my own business watching Neverland(UKiss) music video
mayam came to my room
and i ended up going to class, fetch the attendance book and the rumusan kehadiran template at En Fadzil with Mayam

and thank God, today went out fine with the Pn Sabariah and also Pn Rozita class but Pn Rozita's class was quite tiring cause it is 3 hours
and i'm actually anxious to see the real style of Pn Sabariah
cause she keep talking about being the 'real' TESLian; presentable, segak, kemas etc

and to all my fellow classmates, it seems i have skip to read clearly about the JPP form, it should be hand in today at 1, but now is 1.15pm...
so, sorry :(

#1 really sorry TESL b who really wanna be a JPP :(
#2 to zel and ainul i have the rumusan kehadiran template d :P

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