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Saturday, January 7, 2012

08/01/12 bismillahirrahmanirrahim

salam, hello readers~!
it is the new year baby!!!!
it took me UNTIL the next year for me to walk from the kitchen to the living room hahahahha
nothing happened
i just watched The Green Hornet with the family at the kitchen hehe

and yeah, people tend to make resolutions for the new year
as for me, i have none
like the years before, i never did have new year resolution
because years back i did have it, but the usual stuff
such as be a better person stuff, but didn't accomplish it, (i think)
same goes this year, no resolution

then again it hit me, i don't have resolutions
but i have plans for this year
i mean loads of it
first thing first, tripS!
yes, big S there
but then again maybe not, cause have to save money though for the future... (i mean next sem)
i have one plan up in my sleeve now
but it is in february
hope everything goes well

second, new second-hp
y in the world i need second phone ptff!!!
still in consideration

third, start a diet
and lose some dear weight
i hate myself looking like this, so i have to do something about it

fourth, work hard for money
after last year, i have start to LOVE money
damn yeah! cuz last year was hard for me
and i have decided to work everytime i have the chance
i get money whenever i can
that's me now :P

fifth, be a better person & better Muslim
gotta change some attitude here & there
gotta know when to wear my 'mask'
and of course i have this intention, only Allah SWT knows what it is
and i wish it will turn out fine

sixth, play with my hair
i'm gonna do something with it
i'm all out now
i want to dye whole lot of it
and of course straightening it, it is outta hand now! :P

seventh, get my style straight
but then again i just realize, that i have my own style myself
i just realize myself
for my own pleasure that is
now, i have idols for my style
no more mix and match weird style and wanted to do that style for ages, and fail it
so my style idols are:-
Scha Al-Yahya
love this one, and i love that kind of coat, and i have kindda like that dress
omg! love the style!
gonna lose some weight first! and got wash my hat... mine is white, and its getting dirty! :(
ayunar & scha, they look almost the same, see, simple style by scha!

and the other style idol is Maria Elena, and actually maybe Hana Tajima too
maria elena & hana tajima
hana tajima, like the combination & heels
nice one
love, love, love
really3, nice!
oh! just wanna share this photo!

see, i told u, i dont have resolution but i tend to plan many things
so just hope and Doa that everything will be in place :D
Amin~. (^^)


photos: Google Image
#1 i'm the new Class Monitor (ketua kuliah) for this sem. i think i have save many souls by doing this, but not mine =.="
#2 and my assistant is dear azie hehe :D
#3 damn hungry! bye!