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Monday, January 2, 2012

15/12/11 how I wish

salam, hello readers~!a couple of cool teenagers just walk out of the store. Damn, I envy them. 2 cool guys & 2 nerdy but cool girls. They were having fun with the 'tikam' machine and laugh all the way.
Make cute & sheepishly smile when they ask for a change of coins. haha
They are maybe just slightly older then me.
(But damn I think I look older. shiz!)
They are so freindly, say hello and smile to us who is just a shopkeeper *to them lah*
They look like they came from an urban place say; Kulala Lumpur
And they talk english
U may think i'm weird, but how i wish I have friends like that,
I dream that when I was in high school that I will kuje to have friends@buddies like that when i'm in Uni. But I didnt, and I have other kind of friends.
Well, Allah SWT,knows whats best for me.

#1 Love you friends! :}

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