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Saturday, December 31, 2011

10/12/11 Pesta Laut Lumut & Pangkor

salam, hello readers~!
To tell you the truth, there are two events going on this weekend, here in Manjung District.
Well, this Pesta Laut event goin on for 3 days.
this is actually an annual event
Today, i'm working at 10 am to 5pm. So, i decided to ask the family and the cousin to go to the Pesta Laut in Lumut.

there was also a live band, and it said on the add that it will be artis popular :)
So, got home "golek2" for a while and get ready to go.
the cousin(Nadiah) arrived and off we go

took a lot of brochure about tourism Malaysia. Plan for a trip next sem. But did not know where to
And got a FREE KL map! which i really need it

after the Pesta LAut. We search for a restaurant for dinner.
as i got my pay for last month, so it was on me today.

Went to a biker Restaurant; I mean all the bikers with big bikes and all, came all the way here
Even Datuk K and Dato' Siti Nurhaliza was here too.
(wow, they come all the way to Sitiawan? hoho)

Later send the cousin and later went back home. :)

#1 all photo was taken by Imy Anchovy via BoB0

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