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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10/01/12 get out of my head

salam, hello readers~!

i wonder and wonder more
when oh when is the allowance gonna be in
it's not really because i wanna go out much or wanna buy a new freaking smart phone
not that
i just wanna have my own money
so i would not burden my parents

i am NOW actually struggling much with my balance of money from home
and thank Alhamdulillah, the parents just bank in some money yesterday
but that could only cover for me and AlexT0, *nuff said*

unfortunately, i can't even bare using the money for anything yet
sorry to the Treasurer of my class, i can't pay u yet
i'm really shot of cash money

and guess what, the Uniform Body too, want some money
damn oh damn, i know it's like 20 MYR, but still~
dude, i don't have money!

my parents are not like ur parents who have money all year round
my mum is full time housewife now
and my dad is struggling hard, pity him, cause he ain't getting younger by the day
thats y, starting last year, i have been solely attach to my allowance

yea2, you may ask, where the fish does my freaking working money gone to during the holidays
FYI, i gave it all to my parents. nuff said

i wonder and wonder more and also pray
what the heck happened in your head??
i may not have much knowledge but still i can understand more
what's bad what's wrong, what's proof what's not
and what ????? 0.o

please stop, stop, stop
if only there is a stop button that i can really press it

i wonder and wonder more
what in the world is wrong with my back
after 20 years, i have a back ache???
what should i do?
stay straight with an ice cream plywood attach to my back??
well, let's hope its just me having normal problems

#1 well, thats not what i wanna talk about actually
#2 photos are posted radomly
#3 photos: Facebook


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