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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random: just go with the flow

salam, hello readers~!

just to remind u, Malaysian readers
u are in a Malaysian country
do what they want u to do.

well, as i was FBwalking, i saw my former teachers' son post this status:--

waste time only wanna study for TITAS... don understand y future engineers need to kno all tis nonsense.. aiyo aiyo....
· · · · 13 minutes ago ·

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    • Kimberly Michelle Rose Ong islamic country says its a face it.haha
      11 minutes ago · · 1
    • Logananthini Jothi lol.
      11 minutes ago ·
    • Liyana Dean EVERYONE in Malaysia have to learn TITAS
      11 minutes ago ·
    • Joshua Eshwar Pillai alrdy learn all this crap durin form 4 n 5... now uni again... haiz... i rather study my core subjects... more useful later in workin life...
      9 minutes ago ·
    • Logananthini Jothi i hate this part.. irritating much.
      7 minutes ago ·
    • Liyana Dean this is what we call a holistic development, this is the aim of education in Malaysia, to create a good person holistically
      6 minutes ago ·
    • Joshua Eshwar Pillai hahahhaha.. i wanna debate wit u but some other time la... gotta go study for the bladdy test tomorrow.. cheers... :)
      4 minutes ago ·
    • Liyana Dean haha i'm just saying man, i've been learning about education for 2 years.. it gets me, hahaha
      about a minute ago ·

so, what say u, my dear readers?

to me it's just for the sake of studying

if u want to learn what u gonna be in the future
, why don't-don't go to school at all cause at school will learn everything about everything and sometimes not have the connection with ur future ambition and what not....

and what did i answer to him is actually the effect of learning everything about almost everything about education

and i know at least better then him *i think*


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