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Friday, January 6, 2012

28/12/11 miss u guys!

salam, hello readers~!
tgk gmbr first ni dah tau kan, i went to Sushi King today
yea, the usual boring days
i was having my dinner when Dyla texted me ask if i wanna to meet up with her and also Caroline(Care) and Mee Wen
so, i said yes, although i have eaten
the best part is, i didnt have to drive'
yeah! hahaha
so, Dyla pick me up at 8 and off to Tesco
and meet up with the other two
when we both entered the Sushi King became noisy hahahha
because we were talking and gossiping like nobody business! hahah
and theres an auntie who i think keep looking at us and actually listen to our conversation
but who cares??
and yeah i just ordered the sushi with crab in it it
yeah, i had eaten what do u aspect??
if not i will ask for Bento!!
loving friends hahah
Mee wen & Adyla

me & care
Care didn't want to eat this cause it is hairy hahahah

well, these girls really wanted to meet with my other half for ages
seriously, they like so pump up if i said i can let them meet up
dyla had a lot of question to ask hahha
yeah, when we are all in high school, none of us have boyfriends
when we are all in Uni, one by one of us start to have bfs
so, yeah, we had fun b4 without all that Boyfriends shit :)
after sushi king, we went shopping with mak cik care and mak cik mee wen
them funny la wei
really dont want to go shoppung w u guys d!
embarrassing and fun la! hahahahaha
but lets have do shopping again, yea?? :P

we went to our separate ways later
and eventually, me & adyla went to Marina Wing to gossip more!
and it was late when we went back home :P

and this photo is for Caroline who didn't see this photo yet
yea, the photo of a girl in Step Up 3 who look like me =.="

#1 Love u guys! hope to see again and i will let u guys meet with my Beliau yea :D

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