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Thursday, January 12, 2012

13/01/12 Ketua Kuliah

bukan mudah untuk menjadi seorang KK yg bersabar , oh yeah~
bukan mudah menebalkan muka jumpa lecturer
*sila nyanyikan 2 ayat diatas dgn lagu permulaan AF*

salam, hello readers~!
i'm officially on the 'weekend' mood now
yalah, the second week of being a KK
yea2, i know it's a tough job actually, i do realize it
but never thought i will be one
cause i was the PKK for first semester
then again, the responsibility is now resting on my shoulders
and i get the chance to taste it for myself
and it is not easy when ur classmates are not cooperate enough
i thank God, that my class is better then the other classes
their cooperation are better and i thank God for that
thanks TESL B
but still, gotta touch up here and there tough
yea, after the new lect teaching us, Pn Sabariah sound us
it was kindda a slap on me
then again i realize communication skill had to be upgraded more
especially, my classmates
u guys have to do what is right
and don't just follow me,
cause i don't know much either
let's help each other to be the best and prove the madam wrong :)
then again, i am ur KK i tell u
i told u about something,
but why didn't u share w me what u know in the other hand
ask me along in doing something
because i have some other things to do
not only i have to run after things here and there but u have to understand
sometimes, u just made the KK's day better
and yeah, thanks to all who help
really appreciate it
PKK, S/u, treasurer and the AJKs
keep up the good work
and let's help each other
we are left with 13 weeks to go and God willing we will be on rainbow at the end of the semester
lecturers, well they are lecturers~~
sometimes they just give us hard times,
for us to learn
but sometimes, they too don't know about the answer
so, what should one do?

#1 THIS kindda suite my mood now :P
#3 the last cat photo is Che Tu, of course 0.oLink

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