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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random: get ur Doa straight

salam, hello readers~!
my fello FB friend post this to his status:-
"Ya Allah..jika kemjuan negara ini menyesatkn umat2Mu di negara ini,menambah kemaksiatan.Engkau mundurkan lah negara ni sampai bila2 ya Allah"

ya Allah, i was so shocked, please i don't want this to be true because:-
i don't wanna be like the Muslims country that have to strive to live. i wanna be in a Muslim country that parallel with the world innovation and all that. so THAT, i could help the other country, so that this Muslim country could help the other Muslim countries to be in peace and harmony and everything will be fine. and EVERYBODY could see the beauty of Islam [:)]

yeah, that was my last answer to him
and he didn't reply
and i reply to him before that telling him it's a stupid prayer
then again, i have shouldn't type that
my bad :( astghafirullah~ *anyone know how to spell??*
and he said about nabi Yusuf prayer and all that
but whatever, what is done is done

and readers, when u doa to Him please do with conscious and think of the things might happen
Doa for the good and better
his Doa could be change into something like: show the truth, bring forward who can lead this county to be a better Muslim country and all that

but then again to me, thanks to Tun Mahathir, he had done much
i can say more because, do u ever wonder why other retreat Muslim country want him to lead their country

ok, enough of that
let's Doa for us to be a better person and Muslim holistically.

#1 photo : Hana Tajima

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