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Saturday, September 21, 2013

8th September 2013 Part 2

There was a  problem with the Part 1 template, that I just gotta do part 2.

After the initiation and installation there was prize and award giving ceremony and also the was souvenier for the outstation leos as well as the Lions who came.
Then we had cake cutting ceremony.
Sang a birthday song together with everybody, the new members, outstation Leos as well as the Lions.

and i like this photo the most!!
ALL who came for the event :D
Then, the new members of the History course class did a performance in total of five or four songs.
I was kind of busy with the menu thinggy during that time, so I didn't really watch it.
And thanks Amy and Bona and others who help me to set up the VIP table in short notice.
I had to leave the work cause I gotta get ready.
Get ready for? >>

Leo Prisca on Guitar

Leo Andy on Keyboard *keyboard sponsored by Leo Hazirah
and Leo Christine, yours truly>> Leo Liyana and Leo Jingyih
We did a performance, we sang Tong Hua originally by  Guang Liang
It was not my first time singing in Mandarin, but sure hell it was my first time performing.
Alhamdulillah, I did went well hehe

And of course every event will end will end with camwhoring or playing with camera :P
this is the last photo actually


dont ask why

sam, tze cheng,me, calvin

Camwhored until the bus came and all the others went back by bus, excluding me and Jedi.
But that doesn't end there.


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