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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

07 September 2013 Basically, my day was in the car.

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Brace yourself for a day of mine.
Start my Saturday morning with cooking together with Zac and Rolex in cafe
 potong2 bawang, gosip2

encik Zachary kite goreng crab sticks

x habis2 Zac menganjing pandai masak =.="
a little later after that, we set off to Bukit Ayer.oh so happy! :)
Unfortunately, Azie was running late, So we decided to go to Kangar for a while.
Came back to IPG and fetch Azie, Azie had to drove though, cause she's the one with the most experience manual driver we have hehe
We're off to Bukit Ayer and was kind of havoc on the way there. haha
and we arrived!

Before all that, we did had our brunch, but I was too freaking hungry that I forgot to take photos of it. :P
After all that, we freshen ourselves and we continue to eat.
you know, bile handphone jadi hak bersama, you could find other people's photo camwhoring

w Bona

with Rolex

with Zac

with Azie

with Dyba

the side kick for the weekend

a love shaped peanut, can you see it?
After all that, we went to visit Encik Zul, he had operation last Monday and me and Azie of course it had been a long time since we see him.
So we decided to give him a visit. Of course no photo, segan pulak nak amik gambar kan.
We were at he's house for a good two hours, talking about stuff and Sabah and Sarawak.
Then we went to Kangar for while and then came back.
But it was not the end for me, cause I'm going out again. Me, Andy and Jedi gotta find souvenir for the Installation.
So after all of them went back, I waited by the car for the two.

 And we're off to Arau, why Arau? just because :P
Jedi drove.
We went to C-Mart and end up bought couples of photo frames.
While waiting for the store to box and wrap it up, we decided to try BubbleGurt cause they serve foods too :P
with Jedi

with Andy

some cakes

And so there's go my day.
If i'm not mistaken, it doesn't end there, cause we had rehearsal that night
So yea.
We went straight to Dewan Pulai after that though.


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  1. Gigi makin jarang ke yg depan tu? or u got to wear braces again together with adik?