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Saturday, September 21, 2013

8th September 2013 Part 1

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

The big day is here! Gotta get busy! It's the 3rd Anniversary and & installation ceremony of IPG Kampus Perlis's Leo Club.
got Jedito fix my nails for me haha

sound check

Sound check andy, Prisca, Jedi, JingYih

le cake

Me, Jedi, Andy, Jingyih and Prisca had to go the hall of our 3rd Anniversary and Leo Installation earlier cause we got do sound check for our performance and Jedi gotta to set up the PA system and such.
The other Leos arrived at 9.30 am or so and then me and Jedi went out to fetch the cake and name tags.
Upon arriving back, me and Jedi run off and changed our clothes and all that, step up the place and inviting the guests. Couple of days back GK called me and said she couldn't make it and everyone was fooled by her when she gracefully walks in through the entrance... I was like >>> DAFUQ!!

with GK
So let's see how the day goes with pictures shall we? *to lazy to write :P
Btw, can't remember the flow so just enjoy the photos :P
Address by Outgoing President: Leo Richard

Leo Pledge
guest : Leo Club of Penang Metropolitan (PMO) & Aimst University
welcoming speech by the OC : Leo Vhinashini

Leo Pledge lead by Leo Bonaventure
emcees of the day: Wawa & Rolex
recognition by Leo Andy
 After the initiation of the new members. Then it is time for the installation of the new Key Officers and Board of Directors.
Installing the Board of Directors

Installing the Treasurers
Installing the Secrertaries
Yours Truly>> Installing the Vice President 1
Installing the President

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