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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

03/04/05/06 September 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Been busy this week, so just want to update here.
and actually I miss my family though. hurm

The Year 6 had a camp for UPSR in KEMAS:-

On Wednesday, practice on the performance for Sunday:-
the singer and the piano player all in orange. Andy, me, Jingyih

with the guitar player, so cute... Prisca
 On Thursday, went out to get the Installation errands done:-
End up eating dinner out, of course!

On Friday was kind of a long day, start of with me waiting for the rent car, and evetually, we have to follow the pak cik and fetch the car at the mechanic, and tibe2, jadi 100 MYR a day, I was a little frustrated though.
but then car grew on me, and I actually drove that car. It's manual and it's a Persona.
It's mind blowing, cause I never drove this kind of car before =.="
but i managed it hehe
After fetching the car, me and Azie went back to IPG to fetch other adiks, cause we are going to buy stuff for our picnic the next day :D

before all that, Zac nak pergi makan =.="
Zac & Mirul

Bona & Zac

Mirul & Rolex

Bona & Zac

me & Azie

le car
the next post will continue with the next day.

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