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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

23/10/11 Perginya Kopi

salam, hello readers~!
this is Kopi, he had a sister and a brother which look exactly like him
and i myself can't tell the difference...
donden, kopi, helen, putih, uban
donden died, helen someone stole her
Kopi was lost on the 3rd day of raya and we never did find him back nor he came back to us
but he did yesterday, and he was really2 different
it was a sad sight
unfortunately, he didn't live long with us, he died that night,
cant say no more
we love u Kopi, RIP, say HI to the others~! :')
kopi and his best bud, Donden

our house didn't have a land, so we decided to bury Kopi at my grandma's house in Bruas

love u Kopi...
p/s: watch Kopi and Donden eating


  1. pets yang hilang kalau nak mati mesti balek rumah tuan dia. that's cute. :)

  2. tular, tp tula kan, sedih, die balik kite ingat dah ok, tgk2 mati pulak wuwu