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Saturday, December 31, 2011

24/11/11 Twilight SAGA: Breaking Dawn Part 1

salam, hello bloggers~!
i tend to type less, if u know me, just ask me, how this movie goes
well, i was some sort of fortunate to watch this movie on the day release in Malaysia itself
the movie started with a raging angry Jacob storms out the house and run off into a werewolve
because he received the invitation
the wedding was beautiful
but that's not all
i like the shoes and i like the wedding dress!
the wedding dress to me kindda like a couture and old and decent but also a little sexy there (at the back)
the bare-back with the net was like so low( o me -lah)
the honeymoon was terrific!
it really get into my head that i wanna get married and have a honeymoon like that
u know the feeling that being w ur love one that is officially part of u
damn damn it was beautiful
looking at them , they are really CUTE!
and the other vampires was cool too!
they are all vampire-ish!
and i like werewolves!
they are werewolves fighting scenes which i really dig it!
and jacob was so macho when he stand up for himself! :D

when bella was pregnant it was really intense!
u know, she turn into a walking skeleton!
and the delivery was scary!
but the ending was superb!
like the ending part! :D
to me, this movie worth watching :)
like it like it so much! hehe


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