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Saturday, December 31, 2011

24/11/11 How I get to watch Breaking Dawn

salam, hello readers~!

STATEMENT 1: I like vampires but I AM in JACOB'S team! :P
STATEMENT 2: Jacob is effing HOT!

so readers~!
i have watch BD P1! Like seriously on the day in Malaysian release itself!
I can't believe myself too!
I had the day off today but i didn't plan anything

cause I only have 30MYR cash in my purse
So, thought of updating my blog
But the fact of BD P1 is on cinema now, it bothers me
(it really does, when Big Cinema's Sitiawan is right in front of ur house)
Ask my mum about it, and she approve
the problem is; I'm alone~
My friends are allin Uni and none of them are on hols like me :(
Ask my mum, she said she have to be w dad
Ask the brother, abruptly said 'NO'!
in the end YES, I went alone

went buy the tickets w bro in the evening and bought him popcorn; for thanks for accompany me =.="
Later that day, my bro send me 2 d cinema
(yea, 5 seconds walking distance haha0
and i'm in the cinema alone w others and there are 2 more who came alone w 2 Indian guys sat beside me
w bunch of many girls at the other side

later came 2 boys who doesn't know manners, they just step on my feet without 'sorry' and I blasted at them and the indian guy laugh
well, someone have to tell them
well, sorry to who ever inside the cinema that day :(


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