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Sunday, December 25, 2011

18/11/11 sending friends

salam, hello readers~!
as i am going back tomorrow, i send some of my friends to the bus station tonight
i was sending yna, emy n zati
and ask azie to accompany me
we had dinner at MU ( the usual)
and later ika n siken join us
we had dinner, laughing and kindda sad cuz the hols are here d

so, then went to the bus station and me n azie look as though we are the one who are going back by bus, thats when this photo was taken by my dear rum8

later, mayam txt me, ask to buy her dinner
and we left emy w ika, and me n azie went to MU again~
and went back i am staying in bilik TV for the night
cuz the person from the hostel ask us to get out of the room because KDC is coming in
and it turns out that me n mayam watch 2 movies that night and also Gerak Khas, where we seldom watch
it was a cool experiences though staying in bilik tv

Happy Holidays~!


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