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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12/10/11 HELWANI De Amour Dinner

salam, hello readers~!
Today, me and my roommate;Emy along with Azie, attended a dinner (mkn freela katekan)
of course lah start event what time and then the pengisian.

Shoba too, she did a little talk.

The event @ dinner not only invite the Muslims but also the non--muslim girls. They had a session where the MC called some girls for interview.
But honestly, i was really3 hungry.
In the end, I was starving and i stuff myself with all the foods I could lay my hands on.
[I am all about eating]


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  1. huhhuuuu~
    aku nampak ada satu gambar tu
    beliau pakai baju aku la