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Sunday, December 25, 2011

17/11/11 Classmate ak yg sorang tu

salam, hello readers~!

note: actually, dah lame sgt x update, ak x brape ingat tarikh yg sebenar
tapi x per, i try my best to post about my life before the year end

hari last berada disini saya isikan hari sy dgn berjimba tahap minimum dan mengemas bilik selaju kelajuan cahaya
bertungkus lumus bersama rum8 mengangkat barang tgh2 mlm
ke tingkat 4 & 3
tgh2 angkat-menangkat
Beliau text me, telling me that he's having the last meal with my dear classmate which is Tehi who was put on hold for a sem starting next sem
well, what done is done, so starting to feel been slap by someone when this happen

so, i was panicked and i say i wanted to see him too
then txt him, and he called me, but it was a failure cause i cant really hear properly :(
but then later Tehi told me that he is in DIK and ask if i wanted to come over
i say i cant, i am in a mess of packing and i am dam n lazy to put on proper attire
then i just tell him to come over my blok and i gave him something for the right home
curtsey from my dear roommate
i thought it was the last
but after the packing and carrying things, and me n rum8 get a shower in the dead of the night but everyone aint sleeping yet
got a txt n call from ika, telling if wanna see Tehi, he is at the parking lot
so we did, doing 'Halaqah' in the middle of the road where there is no people
so, here is our last photo together, thanks kak la... ^^
and we cried n talked
and it was the last
and we cant stand it, cause we looked at him for the last time
but still, sy yakin, it was not the last time
and tried to be strong, and help to my friends to stop their tears too :)

to my dear adik Tehi, love u always and do come visit us, goodluck and if could we try and visit u too~!!! :D

I can't imagine if i lost you, living without you
I'll remember this moment, I'll promise it
A sunflower boy looking at you like the first time

When it's tomorrow, you will leave my side
When it's tomorrow, I will wish upon the shooting star alone
Just like the ending of a movie
Our ending fulfilled the prediction of tears
Broken promises all over the ground
The yesterday that cannot be pieced together again
Yet I'm still waiting for the miracle to appear
Tears are falling on the side of my cold pillow
Your shadow is drifting further and further away

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