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Saturday, December 31, 2011

1/12/11 The New Experiences (edited)

salam, hello readers~!
well, it had been 10 days since I've been working at a mart located in front of my house; Hor Mart.
The boss is ok, rarely he is at the mart.
And I was left with the supervisor; Mages.(she's not photogenic)
Sweet girl though. She is pretty! hehe
Last 2 days another Ah moi joined us; Chai Ching. cute plump girl.
It had been 2 years since my last part-time job.
So this is a new experience .
Never work in a mart before.
Before, i mingle more with Chinese & musics n movies lovers. And I know about the backgroundUnlike here, I learned about cigarettes & other ;mart' stuff. And actually learn how to use a cash register , and many more
and this time, I go international ~! ~well,almost~~
South-East ASia to be more specific! haha
Bunch of Bangladesh, Myanmar and all sorts

It was not boring at all. I can still 'cuci mata' though haha
There are 2 customers that resembles Jacob Black and Seth Clearwater!
like seriously!
to tell u the truth, they are all not that hideous.
there is one Myanmar guy (i think, but came to know that he is Thai-Myanmar) who have rosy cheeks! damn! i'm jealous!
Yesterday i found out something about a Chinese customer who became a regular here.
He asked me about a soup w a weird english accent.
Then, he asked me if i am an indian or malay

i asked him to guess. he answer i'm indian =.="
i told him, im a malay and i ask about him weird acccent
so, he told me he is from China
thats y he talk english w accent
and today he came again and ask y i din wear hijab
damn! no answer! ==________==""""""""""""

and readers pray that i would wear it sooner or later :)

All of this come to one statement I want a make.
I wish I don't have to say I am a Malay, and I just can say I am a Malaysian
Because, before people thought I was Chinese, now Indian? So, I just thought, when people ask me, I wanna just say, I am A MALAYSIAN! :)

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