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Monday, August 30, 2010

1. How tall should he be?
taller than me
2. What hair color should he have?
natural sudey

3.What kind of personality should he have?
hurm, he can understand me well, xmo garang!, funny, penyayang

4. Older or younger?
5.What film actor should he most be like?

Baim Wong

6. What singer should he most be like?
Oliver Sykes

7. Do they need to cook?
boleh je

8.What is his best body part?

9.What car should he drive?
any will do
janji boleh jalan JAUH

10.What one thing completely turns you on?
hair style

11. Who was the guy who is on your mind when you were doing this survey?
Elyas Shamsuddin!

apa2 pun sy tetap bersyukur kepada Allah S.W.T. sebab saya ada elyas.
die TERSANGAT la baik~
SEMUA org cakap mcm tuh!
x dapat mcm ape yg sy tulis kat atas tu pun saye x kisah.
saye tetap bersyukur ade elyas!
i love you, elyas!

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