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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

19/08/10 the real story

i finally realize why i'm sooo not in the mood
it's all about the LAMPT
im so f*cking pissed off
so its like TESL B is a pain in the ass cuz we are the only ones from sem 3 ppismp tesl who had a recorded of absentees for class...
and so elyas had been(kind of , in a joking way)bragging about his class attendance is PERFECT
and TESL A n C doesn't even had a single 'absent' in their record
although everyone knew that some were absent
like WTF right??

so its just pain in the ass to get the lampt thinggy and get the lecturer to sign n make a letter
it's just a f*cking ass work to do~

about this, elyas had suffered al ot, and he had enough of me d..
and now, i think my dream will be kind of shattered.
just about this little thing

why am i so f*cking emo you may ask??
well, when i was the one to hold the register none of these never happened
i really take good care of our class and our class mentor's name
izzit so f*cking hard to f*cking lie a bit?

yeah, i am f*cking MAD!
but still i didn't say anything to the person in charge
cuz i dunno how to put it
i still love you guys, but please spare us

so, look what have you done
i ain't really ask him for help cuz i feel ashamed with him(elyas)
cuz he didn't get any of the thinggy and i do
you see, i didn't bother to beg him to be our mc cuz,
it's kindda hard to talk to him now
and it was WAY HARD when this thing come up cuz nothing had be done to make a clean sheet out of it~

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