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Friday, August 13, 2010

soal jawab

Full Name :
Nurul Liyana

Birthdate :
March 6th 1991

Current Status :
in relationship with elyas shamsuddin

What are your most fear ?

Drowning and Burnt - which you afraid of?

10 birthdates you remember :
1. April 12th 1991
2. January 25th 1965
3. February 6th 1959/1981
4. July 31st 1998
5. February 22nd 1991
6. February 23rd 1991
7. September 11 2009
8. April 1st 1991
9. March 6th 1991
10. July 10th 1984

If you got a jackpot - a trip to Mauritius Island and you can only bring 3 people along , who will you choose ?
elyas, adyla, nana

You are on a dessert and you were fucking-thirsty . You then found a golden teapot . You rubbed it and a genie came out . He'll granted you anything you wish for but only one . What will it be ?
balik rumah la!

If you got a chance to swap into another family , whose family would you wanted to be in ?
xmo la. i love my family~! ^^

5 prime wishes you really wish to be granted :
1. berjaya dalam hidup
2. be elyas's wife
3. event manager
4. honda accord
5. keluarga bahagia

You are an expecting mother . Will you run the test to check on your baby's sex?

If you got the chance to change your current name now , what would it be ?
mase kecik ade la jugak teringin...
tapi skarang xde dah..
sy bangga dgn name simple saye, Nurul Liyana

Do you support mix-marriage ?
klu blh nak jugak..
tpi hati sudah tersangkut kat HunnyTo...
xley nk buat ape da~

If you have the Time Traveller machine , what will you do ?
saje pusing mase tgk dolu2..
tgk je..
x ley nk buat ape...
cuz bagaimana kite cube ubah, bende tu dah akan jadi so x ley nk buat ape...
maybe bley tgk HunnyTo mase kecik2 hehe
mesti cumel...

What's the time of your life ?
with the one i love(family n HunnyTo)

Do you really have your aim in life ?
yes, i do

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