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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm happy, but it was a only dream

at 11.34 i was so dead sleepy.
so i text him and tell him that i was going to sleep.
so i did.
well, after a long no-dream sleep,
i began to wake up,
and i was dead lazy to wake up.
so i just close my eyes,
and dozzed off~

then again,
i was up again
and to my suprise,
there was somebody else lay curled up to my side.
(well, no its not Che Tu although she was there earlier)
it was Him.
but he lighted up a smoke~!
why is he smoking in my house?
and while was sleeping too~
i coulnd't understand it either~
i hit him slow because he was smoking,
but he was not up...

i was still in disbelief.
and i walk around my room
and saw all his things at a corner of my room
(its a more of he was taking a nap in my room not that we are sleeping together)

so, i went back to my bed
and he wasnt there
but his things are..
then i looked outside my room
and saw him...
he said, he didnt mean about the smoke,
and he went fixing his hair in front of my mirror
i was TOO speechless...
that i just slump to the floor and cried
because i was so thankful that he is there
he ask me, whats wrong??
im just too happy
i cant say anything nor look at him
i continue to cry
he held me in his arm
i broke my promise at that moment
and i cried like a baby~

that is the moment where i realize that it was a dream
but i cant wake up yet
that moment its just have to stay there
i woke up with my tears streaming down
and Che Tu is still there
and my mum and grandma come in and out of my room to use my mirror
i woke up, everything was like it was before i had a nap

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