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Friday, June 18, 2010

16/06/10 mkn2 kat Bei King Restaurant

mase nk depart mase Uncle John kopitiam tu,

tibe2 pn Jackie bagi idea yg sgt bernas....

die kate, dah bertahun la kite ni hidup bersama si Dong, Joanne ler, x pernah skali pun die ajak g restauran die...

"Dong, how about a lunch at your restaurant?"

Joanne pun jawab ok la, "I'll ask my mum"

then, the next day, got the msg.

so, it's on! the free lunch is on!!

i txt all the malay girls but only Azzira replied...
but she can't come in the end...

again, im the only Malay.... huhu

so, as usual, i pick hema up at her house and we're off to Bei King Restaurant
upon arriving, Joanne(of course),Renu, Kalai and Moiira had arrived.
after pn. Jackie arrived we moved into a room.
and all the delicious dishes..
the usual at a chinese restaurand...
erm...blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comjap, tgh ingat masakan ape...
yg ingat skarang, udang galah, telur dadar, kari ayam, sayur kangkong, udang gorang tepung, mskan, mskn ketam, ku bersinar nmpk mskn feveret~ hehe)
err... ye la kot....
lepas mkn tu, serius sedap... and full
to Joanne and her mother, *thumbs up* and thank u~!


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